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How Often Should Naturals Really Be Shampooing Their Hair


Shampooing your hair is an essential part of any beauty routine, but it's also one of the most controversial! There are so many different opinions on what works and what doesn't, but I want to help you figure out what's best for your hair type.

I know how important it is to try and find the best natural hair care routine for yourself. But sometimes, it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn't.

Keep reading for more information about how often you should actually be shampooing your natural hair!

Shampoo your hair regularly (at least once a week)

For example, one question that I get asked a lot is "How often should you shampoo your hair?" which is a really good one because there's so many different opinions on what's best. Some people say every 2 weeks, others say once a month.

The answer to this question can be controversial to some. In my last 5 years since entering the cosmetology field, I’ve shampooed a good amount of heads. The best way to keep your hair and scalp clean, as well as in a hydrated state is to shampoo at least once a week. Some clients I may ask them to do it twice a week, depending on several factors. That includes if your hair is currently in a dehydrated state, meaning it doesn’t hold moisture for longer than a week, you can benefit from increasing the amount of times you’re shampooing. If you have dry or thinning hair then shampooing it more frequently could actually be beneficial since it helps remove buildup and keeps the scalp clean.
Also, if you are very active and you tend to sweat a lot, this can cause more dryness from the salts mixing with sebum if left unwashed too long and consequently, could leave your hair more dry. People with tighter textured hair tends to be naturally dry, so shampooing regularly helps maintain hydration in the hair and creating a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Now that you know how often to shampoo, let's talk about what products are best to use.

Using gentle products that won't strip your hair of its natural oils or cause breakage is important for your hair’s health. I recommend AG Haircare Balance Shampoo. This all purpose shampoo softens the hair by allowing water to penetrate, leaving your hair clean yet not stripped. It has apple cider vinegar which helps maintain the hair’s pH level, leaving smoother and softer curls.

A great conditioner to follow that up is AG Haircare Boost Conditioner. This organic line helps to boost your hair’s moisture retention, pun intended! Made with mango seed and apple cider vinegar as well, this sulfate free conditioner leaves you with bouncy and hydrated curls and coils

Although there are no hard and fast rules for how often natural-haired folks should wash their tresses, we do have some general guidelines. The frequency of washing depends on the style you’re rocking and what kind of results you're looking for. If you are in an alternative style for example (twist updo, two strand twists, braids) you can choose to shampoo your hair every 2 weeks to maintain the moisture level. Make the most out of your styles! If you do twists, wear the twists for about a week, then let them down for the other week, and just like that it’s wash day again.

The best thing about having natural hair? It's always changing--and so will its needs from day-to-day. So don't worry too much about doing everything right all the time; just focus on finding what works best now--and then adjusting accordingly as needed later down the line.


I know how important it is to try and find the best natural hair care routine for yourself. But sometimes, it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn't. Finding a great natural hair specialist to work with you and creating a custom plan for your individual needs is a great investment! If you are in the Arlington area, consider booking an appointment with me here at Divine Kinks and Kurls and let’s make those goals happen!

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